The Current Food System in Louisville, Kentucky

11. July 2016 Uncategorized 0

If you’ve spent longer than a day in Louisville, you’d know about the notorious West End and East End divide in the city. The West End bears one of the highest crime rates in the country,  and is a registered food desert according to the USDA. A food desert is an urban location in which it is difficult to purchase healthy, fresh food. Essentially, the food problem faced by West Louisville is a lack of access to healthy food.

Without a car, a Louisvillian’s only other feasible option to navigate the city is to use tarc, Louisville’s public buses. The public transport system, like most,  is slow. Taking long bus rides to access healthier food options eats time that may be spent working and earning income. The irony is that the people who need to work the most tend to also be most dependent on sluggish public transportation.

The graphic below roughly illustrates the food system in Louisville.



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